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Download dll-files simply and for free!

Most programs, games or applications use dynamic link library. It contains the components necessary for the operation of the system in the form of DLL-files.

It is important to understand that all files are located in the root folder of the system and are used regularly by a large number of programs. Each of them can make its own changes: overwrite or delete some of the files on failure. In this case, the system will generate an error!

We will help you download DLL-files quickly and without registration!

What should we know before downloading?

The abbreviation DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. It is installed in all Windows operating systems, and almost every program or game on the computer uses this library. It contains information about system configuration, device compatibility, command set for correct operation, and more. Some files for games have ready-made libraries in their folders, others use system libraries.

Before you download DLL-files or the entire library, you need to select the bitness of the system. It is very important! The name of the final folder where the files are located also directly depends on the bit depth.

Popular Dll Files

Filename Description Downloads
vcruntime140.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 20871
api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll ApiSet Stub DLL 16900
msvcp140.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 16581
D3DCompiler_43.dll Direct3D HLSL Compiler 9905
D3DX9_43.dll Direct3D 9 Extensions 9862
binkw32.dll RAD Video Tools 9597
xlive.dll Games for Windows - LIVE DLL 9330
msvcr110.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 8911
msvcp120.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 8409
xinput1_3.dll Microsoft Common Controller API 8125
Filename Description Downloads
msvcr100.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 7802
X3DAudio1_7.dll 3D Audio Library 7669
msvcp100.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 7505
wldcore.dll Windows Live Client Shared Platform Module 7443
msvcr71.dll Microsoft® C Runtime Library 7296
OpenAL32.dll Standard OpenAL(TM) Implementation 7165
D3DX9_42.dll Direct3D 9 Extensions 7156
lame_enc.dll N/A 6722
aaclient.dll Anywhere access client 6666
chrome_elf.dll Google Chrome 6522

DLL files are system and are responsible for the correct operation of Windows and various programs. A problem with the library leads to problems in the OS or utilities.

How do I install the files?

When you try to register a DLL, no matter in what way, you can get an error that the module of such and such DLL is incompatible with the Windows version, or is loaded. What to do?

Such errors can occur for the following reasons:

  • The library does not need to be registered because it does not support this function, or it is already registered in the system;
  • The file you downloaded is broken or completely unrelated to libraries.


It will not work to install the DLL-files as a normal program, it is enough to copy this file to the root folder of the program that requests it, after which the program usually starts working. If this DLL-files is intended for use by many programs, it should be copied to the system folder of the operating system C: \\ Windows \\ System32.

After copying the DLL-files to the system folder, it must be registered, so that each program knows that such a file exists. There are several ways to register a DLL-files, but we will consider only the simplest one. The regsvr32.exe utility is responsible for registering DLL-files. The easiest way to register a DLL-file is as follows: in the “Search” line in the “Start” menu, type the name of the utility and the full name of the registered dll separated by a space “regsvr32 filename.dll”, then press “Enter” and see the result of dll registration in the window that appears.

For Windows 64, the DLL-file registration will be slightly different. All due to the fact that in Win64 there is another system folder with DLL-files “C: \\ Windows \\ SysWOW64”. To register a DLL-file in 64-bit Windows, you must specify the full path of the location of the registered DLL-file “regsvr32.exe C: \\ Windows \\ SysWOW64 \\ filename.dll” along with the name of the utility regsvr32.exe.

If the DLL-file is not registered, then perhaps it is already registered there, the path or name is incorrect, is incompatible with this OS, or is simply not intended for registration.